Any Tech Questions?

A service provided by Skagit County Democrats' Communications and Technology Committee

Any Tech Questions? is a weekly Zoom meeting hosted by the Skagit County Democrats to assist anyone in the community with technical questions about the use of Google Apps and Zoom. Some other topics specific to the Democrat's mission to nurture democratic values in our elected officials. Session schedule is every Wednesday at 5 PM. The Zoom link is available by emailing


Developed by Eagle County, Colorado

Go0gle Groups

Google Groups is what Committees and other adhoc groups use to communicate and collaborate. Groups stores and becomes a reference for ALL emails sent to the group. Groups are usually setup so only the members can send emails to the group. If someone from outside the group sends an email, then the email requires moderation by a group manager. Anyone in the group with a valid Google account can be designated by the Group owner to moderate on the owner's behalf.